My work was selected by the San Francisco Arts Commission for their 2D Artwork Purchase Program for the 49 South Van Ness Building, headquarters for SF’s Department of Public Works. My painting for this project is from a series called Deep in the Willowwacks, and this surreal landscape takes the viewer on a fantastical journey through densely woven imagery that has both realistic and abstract elements.

The 49 South Van Ness building is home to many City departments including Planning, Parks and Rec, Public Health and the Entertainment Commission. The architecture allows for natural light to flow through the building, and employees and visitors will have plenty of space to engage with the new artworks. I’m delighted to be a part of this project, described by the architects as “optimistic and transparent!”

Deep in the Willowacks II, 2023, 40” x 50”, Acryla Gouache, glitter ink, embroidery and metallic thread, fabric, yarn.