I’m delighted to participate in Detritus at San Jose ICA this summer! The exhibition explores the leftover scraps and byproducts of the art-making process that artists do not discard for a number of compelling reasons. Taking inspiration from the field of forensics, this exhibition examines the detritus from a multitude of Bay Area artist studios in order to shift the focus from art as commodity to the core value of art making.  

By organizing and featuring no works of art whatsoever, Curators Kevin B. Chen, Lisa Ellsworth and Lordy Rodriquez hope to inspire both viewers and participating artists alike to consider their own valuation system when seeing and thinking about art. Through the examination of production and gathered “waste,” the audience is offered a glimpse into the time and labor spent in producing artwork.

For this show, the curators selected a stack of my spent paper pallets, which carry with them a history of color schemes, mixing and experiments. They will also include my studio apron–laden with a decade of paint (2003-13).

There are on 100 artists participating in this show including: Kathy Aoki, Michael Arcega, Libby Black, Val Britton, Jim Campbell, Randy Colosky, Lauren DiCioccio, Kota Ezawa, Sheila Ghidini, Liz Hickok, Amy M. Ho, Mildred Howard, Jason Jagel, Gay Outlaw, Francesca Pastine, Ferris Plock, Josephine Taylor, Weston Teruya, Ehren Tool, Kelly Tunstall, Tiffanie Turner, Jamie Vasta, Annie Vought, Heather Wilcoxon and May Wilson. 

What: Detritus
Where: San Jose ICA | 560 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113
Exhibition Dates: June 25 – September 10, 2017