48 Hills SF Publication: Art Interview

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Mary Corbin for the San Francisco publication 48hills. We discussed my work process, conceptual ideas and what inspires my studio practice. Below is an excerpt:

“Carrie Lederer brings the macrocosmic natural world up close and personal, inviting us to step into the magic with her. The artist’s work is a reflection of the world around her, a bridge to life’s less-noticed layers. Her mission is to ignite deeper interaction with the natural world and global community through art.”

“The implied message of my work is to see the environment—from the darkest recesses of the soil to the cosmos that are beyond our grasp—as part of a greater whole that we are all a part of,” Lederer told 48hills.”

Under the Wide Sky We Gather

“Under the Wide Sky We Gather”, 2021, Painting on vinyl, 60 x 180 inches
Location: 932 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025