Carrie Lederer’s work transports viewers across land and sky, illuminating a path to the deep, dark recesses of our universe. Her perspective—both micro and macro—conveys the bold and delicate forms that exist in the mysterious realms that surround us. Lederer’s up-close encounter with nature begins each day with her journey through the family garden, a place that continues to inspire her wondrous nature-scapes. About her work she states: “I am continually captured by nature’s sheer exuberance—a spectacle of complexity—beautiful, simple, and haphazard.” Read Carrie’s full artist’s statement.


Carrie Lederer is a painter, sculptor and installation artist who exhibits her nature-inspired work across the United States. She has built site-specific installations for Turtle Bay Museum, de Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, San Jose ICA, and many others. Lederer is a recipient of the prestigious Fleishhacker Foundation Eureka Award, and she has completed commissions for Facebook, UCSF Medical Center, Art Source and private collections. See her full bio.


Lederer’s installations—built like a 3D still-life—use both real and constructed nature to explore ideas about landscape. Woven into her dense, tapestry-like environments is a constellation of objects representing sound, movement, texture and pattern found in our nature world. Read more about Lederer’s sculpture and installation.

Create Magazine interview

Create! Magazine, Issue #43 was curated by Jennifer Rizzo, Director of Hashimoto Contemporary in New York City. Create! is a boutique publisher of books and magazines based in London and founded in 2013. Take a look at a digital copy of my interview (PDF)

48 Hills Interview

48 Hills SF Publication: Art Interview I was thrilled to be interviewed by Mary Corbin for the San Francisco publication 48hills. We discussed my work process, conceptual ideas and what inspires my studio practice. Below is an excerpt: “Carrie Lederer brings the...

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Artsin Square is an online platform that features emerging artists and mid-career creatives from around the world. I was invited to participate in their Artist Interview Program which resulted in this snapshot video of my studio and artwork. Check out my interview on...

Imagery Estate Winery Commission

I was delighted to be commissioned by Imagery Estate Winery to create an artwork for their 2022 Tempranillo Rosé bottle label. Imagery Estate has collaborated with hundreds of artists including Hung Liu, William Wiley, Squeak Carnwath, Sol LeWitt, Lorene Anderson,...