For over twenty years I have been making work that relates to one subject—life forms in nature and our relationship to the natural world. My work depicts the order beneath the confusion found in two worlds: nature here on earth and deep cosmos—both of which are astounding, capricious and seemingly anarchic. Read Carrie’s full artist’s statement.


Carrie Lederer was raised in Detroit, Michigan, and studied sculpture at Michigan State University. She has been an exhibiting artist for over thirty years and continues to show her work nationally. Lederer’s exhibitions have been reviewed in local and national publications, and she was the recipient of the prestigious Fleishhacker Foundation Eureka Award. See her full bio.


Lederer’s installations—built like a 3D still-life—use both real and constructed nature to explore ideas about landscape. Woven into her dense, tapestry-like environments is a constellation of objects representing sound, movement, texture and pattern found in our nature world. Read more about Lederer’s sculpture and installation.

Arousing Biophilia

Arousing Biophilia exhibition Art Ark Gallery March 2 – April 22, 2018 Curated by Shannon Amidon 1035 S. 6th Street, San Jose, CA

Musings on the Force of Nature: Vistas and Tableaux

Musings on the Force of Nature: Vistas and Tableaux Reception: Saturday, November 4, 2017, 3-6pm Exhibition Dates: November 4 - December 16, 2017, Catalog available Patricia Sweetow Gallery – New Location! 315 Potrero Ave., San Francisco, CA 94103  [gallery...


I'm delighted to participate in Detritus at San Jose ICA this summer! The exhibition explores the leftover scraps and byproducts of the art-making process that artists do not discard for a number of compelling reasons. Taking inspiration from the field of forensics,...